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Private Ladies Only Hair Salon in Dubai, UAE

Queen's House Ladies Salon offers a variety of hair services for ladies in Dubai, UAE.

Ladies Hair Lounge

Queen's House Ladies Salon specialises in a wide range of hairstyling services for covered ladies, including:

  • Blow dry
  • Wash and dry
  • Trim
  • Hair cut and styling
  • Hair colouring
  • Colour glossing
  • Colour correction
  • Hair straightening
  • Keratine treatment
  • Ampule treatment
  • Hair mask treatment
  • Bridal hair-up

Book an appointment today, we’ll deliver the hair look that you seek! 

Private Ladies Only Hair Salon Dubai

Wide variety of hair services available


Professional Hairstylists

Our expert hairstylists at Queen's House Ladies Salon remain abreast of the latest trends emerging in the hair and beauty industry. 

No matter what hairstyle you’re looking for, rest assured that we will fulfil all your beauty needs. We take your preferences and individual goals into consideration before starting any hairstyling or hair treatments. 

Personalized hairstyling services for all types of occasion


Private Moroccan Bath Al Garhoud

Why choose us?

  • Variety of beauty services
  • Private lounge for covered ladies
  • Premium quality products used
  • Adopt latest beauty techniques
  • Highly experienced and skilled hairstylists
  • Excellent customer service

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